A/G Steam Line

While providing design / drafting services for Aximus Engineering Ltd we were able to quickly and efficiently produce piping location plans and details, pile location plans and pile schedules, Line designation table, P&ID’s, Crossing Modules, and Crossing Details.  All Piping and Civil Structural drawings were created and extracted from the 3D model while the LDT was extracted from the intelligent P&ID’s.  By utilizing survey points, and existing Lidar data we were able to achieve optimal line height and slope to mitigate un-necessary earthwork

By utilizing cloud based model viewing we can immediately share our designs with all project stakeholders, some of the benefits of utilizing this technology are:

  1. No more wasted time sending multiple stakeholders screenshots of our model, trying to convey the intended design with a still image.
  2. No locally installed software, this means that anyone using a supported browser can view our design intent quickly and easily.

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